Take bookings online, promote your SPA hotel & packages.

List your SPA Hotel & Packages in 5 minutes.

How does it work?


No Hidden Fees

There are no hidden fees or additional costs for your customers. Our 15% commission is included into the final booking fee with no additional fees to you or your guests. This allows for transparent and competitive pricing for your Hotel SPA and Package offers.


Easily Synchronise Data

Simply upload your iCal file with your Hotel or packages to ensure there are no double bookings that might occur. We are working to create easier management and integration of existing data and services.


Control Your Inventory & Pricing

Add, remove, update pricing, create packages and much more. With our dashboard you can monitor which offers are selling the best, when and with who. Full control of your inventory with a dedicated dashboard included.


We Manage Marketing & Promotion

Once you are live, we take over with the active promotion and marketing of your hotel and packages to the right audience. We continously run tests, campaigns and review data to increase bookings for your hotel.

Healthspa.pl Membership Benefits

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More Bookings

We look after paid advertising with search engines, social media and others. We therefore place your offers in front of the most interested people to generate more bookings.

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We Have You Covered

With over 15+ years of experience, we know how to run marketing and promotional campaigns. We want to make it easier for people to find SPA hotels and packages in Poland.

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Ratings & Reviews

Understand what you are doing well directly from your customers. Use these ratings for marketing and promotional purposes helping with trust and clarity.

Complete Control of Your Offers

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Dashboard & Overview

You have total control of your hotels, packages and bookings all within your dedicated dashboard.

Find bookings, manage offers, reply to messages and check your reviews and ratings & much more.

Inventory Management

Easily sync your current inventory calendar with healthspa.pl to ensure there are no double bookings and you have total control of offers.

You also have access to your dedicated analytics dashboard to help you understand what works and when.

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How many people are looking for SPA offers?

We know when, where and how to get in front of the right audience based on data and analysis.


Monthly Searches in Poland

The number of SPA related searches on average.


Hotel SPA Searches

General hotel SPA searches in Poland per month on average.


Lands Specific Searches

Location specific searches for SPA offers in Poland on average per month.


Pakiety SPA Searches

SPA Package searches in Poland per month on average.

How we work for you

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Keyword Targeting

We work closely with Google Adwords data to ensure we target the right people based on their search intent. Our years of experience ensures that we get high volume traffic not only to healthspa.pl but directly to your offers for additional bookings.

Social Media Promotion

Many of your customers will be active on social media which is why we run various campaigns to ensure we are able to grow awareness of your offers and generate additional bookings too through social media awareness.

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Content Creation

From social media influencers to media outlets we are actively working on building brand awareness through quality content and partnerships. This allows us to create engaging and relevant content to help spread the word of your offer.

Advanced Targeting

We do not wait for guests to find healthspa.pl, we actively promote your offers by running tests and analysis of results. This ensures we never miss an opportunity to drive more traffic and bookings to your offers.

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What is Healthspa.pl?

We act as a bookings agent for SPA businesses across Poland. By using our experience an knowledge of search engine marketing and paid advertising we can help increase your bookings and awareness.

The platform is designed to best show-off your locations and offers to maximise bookings and interest. Because we take 15% commission, we do not make money unless you make money.

We can call this a partnership due to the close connection between our earnings and yours. Our goal is only to increase bookings but to also increase the average order value and repeat customer bookings.

How does pricing and commission work?

Our pricing is based around the idea that the price you set is what guests pay. We never add anything on top so that you can price your hotel, packages or day spa competitively and receive more bookings.

We receive a 15% commission for our services to maintain a strong search engine presence as well as paid advertising. We know where your ideal customers are online so we focus on making sure the relevant healthspa.pl offers are presented to these potential customers.

How do I collect reviews and ratings?

There are 2 options for collecting reviews. If you can provide us your customer contact list we can upload to our email system to send out automated requests. The needed paperwork is signed by us to ensure all data protection laws a abided by.

The alternative option is to use our templates and your offer links to contact your previous customers as well as new customers too.

Why should I create a profile with healthspa.pl?

Our website visitors are focused on SPA treatments. They are seeking out the best offers and locations for their ideal getaway. We want to make it very easy to find exactly what our visitors are looking for which can only be done with you.

When you create a profile with healthspa.pl you can start listing your hotel, rooms, SPA packages or Day SPA treatments. This allows us to target people with marketing to deliver the most suitable offers when a search is completed. By creating a profile with healthspa.pl you can increase your bookings from across Poland.

How does the payment system work?

With a healthspa.pl profile you can accept payments for all of your listings. When a booking is made we process the payment through our payment partner. The system automatically deducts our commission which then pushes the final amount to your allocated bank account.

How does my profile rank in healthspa.pl?

To rank better than your competitors we recommend you rountinely collect reviews and ratings from previous and future customers.

Positive reviews drive more bookings which is why our platform places positively rated offers above others. It is our focus to help ensure you have a quality profile and collect valuable feedback which is why we assist you with collecting reviews and ratings.

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